What Does Cush Jumbo’s Husband Sean Griffin Do?

Cush Jumbo married her now-husband, Sean Griffin, back in 2014. Their relationship and their high-profile lives have been kept on the down-low, as they enjoy keeping their lives as private as possible. Cush Jumbo makes it a point to avoid talking about her marriage and son to the public. With a flashy lifestyle in the public eye, keeping her family close and out of the public eye is very important to Cush Jumbo and her family. Cush Jumbo has a very public career, while her husband, Sean Griffins, has a more typical career, and fans want to know more about their lives.

The two started off as friends for years before ever dating. Cush Jumbo even admits to thinking he had zero interest in her as anything other than friends. Her career took off and when opportunities came about in the United States, Sean Griffin went with her to pursue her dreams. The couple went across the world so that Cush Jumbo could pursue her career in a different setting, and her career took off once arriving in the United States.

Sean Griffin Works As A Tech Developer

Very little is known about Sean Griffin’s personal life, but fans do know that he works as a tech developer. With stories of Cush Jumbo’s recent success in the industry, Sean Griffin has taken a more typical work-life than his wife. Even sharing funny moments on Instagram of working from home with a toddler shows just how much he is enjoying his role as a father. His career is important, but fans can tell that being a family man is Sean Griffin’s top priority.

Cush Jumbo And Sean Griffin Live A Very Private Lifestyle

Next to nothing is out for the public to know about Cush Jumbo and Sean Griffin’s relationship or family life. They keep their relationship, and their son, Maximilian, out of the public eye. By the time she revealed that they were having a baby, she was already six months pregnant. The couple does take to Instagram to share special moments with their son, but he usually isn’t in front of the camera when the paparazzi are around.

Cush Jumbo And Sean Griffins Married On Stage

On December 27, 2014, Cush Jumbo and Sean Griffin got married, but not in a very conventional setting. While most celebrities have extravagant weddings, Cush Jumbo wanted a different style for their wedding. The two said their ‘I do’s’ on a Broadway stage, right after her matinée of The River. She shared a picture on Instagram years later saying it was the “biggest, bravest, and best thing” she could have ever done.

Cush Jumbo And Sean Griffins Welcome Their First Born

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At the Critics’ Choice Awards in 2018, Cush Jumbo revealed her six-month pregnancy belly. Living a very private life, it only makes sense that the couple kept their pregnancy a secret for as long as possible. Cush Jumbo gave birth to their son, Maximilian, in April that year. While their lives are pretty quiet and private, they do share special moments shared with their son on Instagram for their fans to enjoy.

Cush Jumbo’s Success In The Industry

After having great success in the UK, Cush Jumbo followed her heart to Broadway in New York City. Her career took off, and in 2015, she was offered a role on the show, The Good Wife. Cush Jumbo played one of the main characters for a few years on this hit show, before leaving. A personal experience of hers, in which she was mistaken as a nanny instead of the mother of her own son, was even written into the show.

Sean Griffin’s Success In Work And At Home

While not much is said about Sean Griffin’s work life, fans do know how much he loves being a father. While staying out of the public eye, Sean Griffin still takes to Instagram to share special moments with his son, Maximilian. Being the best father he can be to his three-year-old son and supporting his successful wife at every event, Sean Griffin has taken on the role of a loving father and husband, while also holding onto a job as a tech developer.

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